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Ultralight, UltraStrong and Compact Reusable Grocery bag – Major Discount for a Limited Time.




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Post-consumer recycled

Our bags are made from Recycled Plastic which has been transformed into premium quality material.

Beautiful & Recyclable

Choose from a beautiful selection of Ocean Inspired themes in our Coralis range

Carry up to 25kg (55lbs)

Thanks to Nereiva’s Rip Resistant Fabric with Reinforced Double Seam Stitching

Effortlessly folds into a small pouch

which can be stored in a handbag or car glove box, ready for when you need it

Easy to keep clean and sanitary

handwash or machine wash in cold water without any worries

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What our customers are saying

Love these bags!!!
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Great quality, well made. I keep one in my purse and one in each car. They stuff into the tiny attached pouch with ease and hold much more than a plastic grocery bag. I machine wash them in a delicates bag in cool water and hang dry and they come out great.
Eco-Friendly Convenience
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I live in California, and bags like these are a must (if you want to help the environment and not pay 10 cents for plastic bags...). The various colors is nice so I can keep things organized, and the fact that they bundle up into nothing to stay in the trunk (so they don't get forgotten) is especially nice. They're sturdy and hold a lot of weight. I've had no issues with stitches ripping or anything putting holes in the material at all. They're a bit larger than a typical plastic shopping bag as well, so they'll hold a good amount of things between the set. Best Features - Strong Material - Light and Portable The Cons A larger set option would be nice, for a large family, you could easily use 10 of these in a shopping trip. That said, if you need more, you do know where to find them...
Perfect to tuck into purse
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These reusable grocery bages are great. They fold up small and tick in your purse. They are not super large ( I pack heavy) but are very sturdy. Great value.
Jany & M. Padilla
They carried about 25 lbs easily.
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They are neatly folded when you receive them, and it's easy to follow the folds to get them back into small bags. They will be very durable, thanks to how they were sewn together. At least it looks that way for me. I took one of them to carry a 20-pound pack of rice plus other things, and the bag held strong. It was easy to fold them back to their original shape, and did I mention they're washable? This is an excellent addition to my home!

Reduce – For Planet Earth

Thanks for helping clean up our planet and for being a part of the solution. By choosing Nereiva, you’re championing a cleaner, greener Earth. Each purchase plays a part in diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans. Plus, you’re actively reducing the demand for new virgin plastic and curbing the environmental toll of this energy-intensive sector. Thank you for being
a catalyst for change.

Join the Movement to Save Our Oceans

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